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Underwater Services


Underwater Services


By clicking here, you can see what may be on the bottom of your vessel. Not every vessel is this bad, but in time, it can be.  You really need to keep your hull as clean as possible to avoid drag and to save fuel while increasing RPM.  


Hull Cleaning = The hull, water line, thru-hulls, knot meter, transducers, rudders, keel, running gear, struts and trim tabs will be cleaned.  In some cases the running gear will be very fouled which will increase the cost of the cleaning.  If your vessel has inboard outboard (I/O), there will be and extra fee because of the time it takes to clean them. Sometimes they get extremely fouled. This will not be the case if you become a regular customer of Coastal Diving, Inc. since your vessel will be taken care of  and maintained by us on a regular bases. 


  • Zinc Replacements = All zinc's will be replaced by us on a regular bases. As you know, zinc's are a definite must on all vessels and should be inspected at least twice a year. The cost is minimal for the protection you will gain. There is a small fee for zinc installations.


  • Propeller Changes =  We can change just about any size propeller. We pull them, we get them repaired, we can make changes in pitch, get them cupped and can do it quickly.



  • Search & Recovery =  We can retrieve lost items in a jiffy, just show us the approximate area it went over and we'll go get it.



  • Vinyl & Concrete Pool Patching =  This is also one of our specialties. We have a method and can find even the smallest leak. Whether the pool has a vinyl liner or it is concrete, we can fix it.  Pool companies use our services for their customers or we can come to your pool personally. 


  • Underwater Odd Jobs =  Just ask, if we are able, we'll get it done!

Coastal Diving, Inc. Had to cut through a 4'' stainless steel shaft by hand via hack saw to remove this 48'' propeller from a 112' yacht. It took 19 hours and over 30 blades. No gas motors were alowed on the dock in order to cut the shaft by an easyer method. Click on the youtube site to view the propeller.




When you call for vessel services, please have

the following information at hand.  


11 Bits Of Information We Need


  • Overall length of your vessel
  • Make and model
  • Shaft size (we can measure it if you can't remember)
  • Propeller size
  • Marina name and location
  • Marina gate combination (if there is one)
  • Slip number
  • Name of your vessel
  • Best phone number to reach you
  • Billing information
  • Services you are requesting