Coastal Diving, Inc.



Affordable Service Plans


Hull Cleaning:

Weekly - Bi-Weekly - Monthly 

Most sailboat racing fleets use divers to clean their hull once per week or every two weeks for optimum performance.  Power boats and yachts get cleaned every month or so.


Zinc Replacements:

We automatically replace your zinc's when needed.  This is a definite must!  We charge for the zinc's and a small installation fee.  If you know the size of your zinc's, please let us know and we will keep the information on file.


Propeller Servicing:

We pull propellers, get them repaired and reinstall them quickly.  Please let us know if you will be needing propeller service as soon as possible in order for us to schedule you. We understand that damage can be done at any time, so do not hesitate to call 24 hour a day!  We can also change the pitch and cup the propeller. Just let us know what you need.    


Cutlass Bearing Replacements:

This is usually a winter service we provide, but we can certainly accommodate you at any time.  We can put you on a regular schedule to provide you this service every year or as needed.  We always keep your information on file.  Please do not hesitate to replace the your cutlass bearings, serious damage can occur if ignored.